PTI Advisors is in the business of leadership, innovation, sustainability, and change.  Whether it’s about reacting to change that’s thrust upon us or proactively working to improve on the status quo, we’re all about helping you, your team, and your organization embrace the opportunity and tackle the challenges ahead– effectively.

The PTI team has extensive experience working with global as well as local organizations– from large multi-national corporations and international NGO’s, to SME’s, startups, and community-based organizations. A big part of the value we provide derives from the diversity of clients and projects that define our experience and have contributed to our expertise.

The 2020’s are being called “the decade of delivery.”  As we look at the challenging road ahead for business, society, and the planet, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to make leadership and sustainability matter.

How we work with you

Assessing the Situation and Preparing for the Journey

” Where are you at today?” The first step in any change is understanding where you are starting from and why you want to change in the first place. We work with you and your team to assess your situation and prepare for the journey.  Learn More

The Journey

” How do you get from A to B?” As the saying goes, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” We help you develop a pragmatic plan that effectively guides you and your organization through the change you seek.  Learn More

The Destination

“Where do you want to go?”‘ Arriving successfully at your intended destination or desired outcome does not happen by chance.  Just as knowing where you are starting from and how you’re planning to reach your destination requires planning and preparation, so too does the destination require appropriate forethought.  We challenge you and support you to fully think through all aspects of the outcomes you envision to better achieve them.  Learn More



What we can do for you

Strategic change requires active management and real engagement. Experience and expertise play a big part in likelihood of success– both throughout the journey and ultimately the outcome.

In a hyper-connected, complex, fast-paced world, mitigating the risks that come with any major change and increasing the likelihood of success should factor heavily in the design and execution of any strategic change initiative. PTI Advisors offers this peace of mind and confidence.

PTI Advisors believes that every client is unique, and their needs are unique to every situation. Tried and tested tools and processes are valuable resources we utilise regularly, but the real value of partnering with PTI Advisors is based on two crucial elements of our approach: a dedicated team with experience and expertise relevant for your project/objective; a service fully customized to your specific requirements.

We are a full service partner providing end-to-end advisory services as well as specific, bespoke support if that is what you require.  Our promise and our value is a personalized, value-added service that matches your unique needs and requirements.


Core capabilities and services we offer

  • Providing Research & Intelligence
  • Developing Vision & Strategy
  • Creating an Innovation Culture and Processes
  • Developing Exceptional Partnerships
  • Creating Effective Communication
  • Implementing Digital Transformation
  • Project & Program Management
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Advising

We serve a wide range of client needs, from rapid or ‘light’ internal and market-wide ‘situational overviews’ and assessments, to deep engagements on strategic change, such as growth strategies, cultural transformations, new partner development and programs, etc.

We also recognize the realities and requirements for a wide range of working relationships, from outsourced tasks to embedded team members to advisory, coaching and mentoring needs.  Crafting the appropriate working relationship to suit the situation is fundamental to how we partner with you.

Let’s Go on a Journey and Make it Matter!

If you’re planning for change or you’re already in the middle of it, consider a trusted partner to navigate that journey with you! Give us a call, we’d love to discuss your plans.

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